Spice Radio Launches on 1200AM in Vancouver

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Get ready to spice up your life. From the creators of Rim Jhim, Canadaa��s first Indo-Canadian radio station, i.t. Media Broadcast (ITMB) will introduce a spanking new format on 1200AM. After months of strategic planning, Spice Radio will go live on Sept 29th, 2014.

In 2011, South Asians emerged as Canadaa��s number one visible ethnic group, according to StatsCan. Spice Radio will offer a range of programming geared towards this cultural group.

a�?Radio is a hub of our culture. Ita��s a way to find out whata��s going on, to learn different opinions and stimulate conversation,a�? says company President Shushma Datt. a�?Unfortunately, there hasna��t really been a station that appeals to the full community. The perception is that there is a Punjabi radio station and a Hindi radio station. Wea��re out to change that.a�?

Spice will differentiate itself and bridge communities through a range of first-ever programminga��popular program styles that will be adapted to an ethnic format.

a�?We are working with several organizations,a�? reveals the storied Canadian journalist, who will be taking her talk show to the mornings in order to tackle timely topics with community leaders. a�?Additionally, she adds, a�?there will be changes that will distinguish Spice as a leader in news and sports for the South Asian community.a�?

The new format has been developed in response to countless requests, and ITMB has made a a�?significant investmenta�? in distinguishing and promoting its new brand. Spice will introduce a range of programing in a fun, magazine style format. It will also be the first ever-ethnic broadcast service with a dedicated 2-hour live sports talk show in primetime Monday to Friday.

a�?With the growth of this dynamic community, we wanted to take a leadership role,a�? says Vice President Sudhir Datta. a�?Wea��ve always been recognized for delivering quality information in an entertaining format. Our new mandate for this station will be to provide programming thata��s intelligent, educational, timely, and conversational.a�?

With the strongest signal among all the South Asian radio stations in the GVRD, Spice Radio will be heard from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island and from the US border down to Whistler.

a�?Response to the new programming has been overwhelmingly positive,a�? says Datta. a�?Our MO is raising the community profile and bringing awareness to all the good things South Asians are doing locally, nationally, and internationally. Wea��re part of the community we serve and that makes all the difference when it comes to ethnic programming.a�?

To learn more, contact Sudhir Datta at 604-2991727 or sudhir@rimjhim.com.

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