South Asian Media in Vancouver has changed

The ethnic radio market has been difficult to quantify for many years in Vancouver, there have been 6 radio stations broadcasting programming that targets the SA market. 3 stations broadcasting legally under license from the CRTC and paying the respective Canadian taxes and fees associated to a broadcast license in Canada, 3 stations broadcasting illegally from the US into Canada and operating as Canadian entities in the Vancouver market. The CRTC handed down a decision onA�11/13/14A�to force the 3 cross border stations to cease operation in Canada as ofA�11:59PMA�on that day. Although there is some conjecture as to whether or not the CRTC has the ability to stop these broadcasters from continuing to broadcast into the Vancouver market there has been an apparent agreement from the cross border stations to comply. If these stations were to attempt to continue to operate it would have dramatic repercussions on their customers, the CRTC has informed Canadian Revenue Agency that these stations were operating illegally and that clients of these stations may have serious tax repercussions as a result of dealing with them.

As a result the Vancouver market will now be serviced by the 3 licensed Canadian radio stations, SPICE RADIO AM 1200, Rim Jhim and Red FM 93.1 exclusively for SA programming. In discussions with the CRTC these stations have indicated that they should be able to repatriate as much as 70% + of the audience that was shared by the cross boarder stations. This is very significant and makes it much easier for advertisers to reach this market ( the largest visible minority in Canada ). Attached is the CRTC decision as well as a brief summary of each of the 3 existing Canadian stations. friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games, friv_1000_games. whatsnew/2014/n1113.htm

A�Spice Radio 1200 AM


SPiceBoxSmallTargeted to an 18 a�� 54 year old audience.

Listeners reflect a mix of those who were born in Canada, those who immigrated here as children, and new arrivals

Broadcasting in 17 languages, including Hindustani, Punjabi, English, Filipino, Italian and Farsi.

Broadcast area includes the GVRD, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island.

Programming focus on cutting edge music Bollywood, Bhangra, Indy Pop tunes,a�?Lifestyle and current events talk show with legendary host Shushma Datt on her show Gup Shup morningsA�8am-10amA�. Simulcast on Rim Jhim from9am-10amA�daily.

Featuring North America’s first live call in SPORTS talk show geared to the South Asian audience and a focus on South Asian athletes with “Gopi and the Gora”

Features news and updates on sports traffic and weather.

For more information contact:

Bernie MerklA�604-306-3432



rimjhim.comVancouver’s oldest and most established South Asian station, geared to South Asians of all ages, but predominantly 35+. Rim Jhim is the station most South Asians grew up with for more than 27 years in Vancouver

The majority of listeners immigrated to Canada and do not rely on mainstream media as primary sources of information.

Broadcasting in 7 languages including Hindustani, Punjabi and English.

Broadcast area includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Programs include contemporary and classic music, poetry, current affairs and magazine shows.

Features news on international, national and regional issues.

Shushma Datt’s Gup Shup show is simulcast on Rim Jhim fromA�9am to 10amA�daily.

For more information contact:

Bernie MerklA�604-306-3432


unnamedA�Vancouver’s only FM station geared to a South Asian audience of all ages, broadcast in 15 languages with an emphasis on Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Broadcast area includes the Vancouver lower mainland.

At least 90% of all Red FM’s programming in each broadcast week is ethnic in nature.

CKYE’s programming is primarily South Asian (HindiA�andA�Punjabi) but it also airs programming in the following languages:A�African,A�Bengali,A�Fijian,A�Gujarati,A�Hungarian,A�Malayalam,A�Persian,A�Polish,A�Russian,A�Serbian,A�Tagalog,A�TamilA�andA�Urdu.

Programs include contemporary music and a mix of oldA�favorites.A�Current affairs talk shows including the Harjinder Thind show fromA�8am-11amA�daily Mon toA�Friday. Red FM features a number of other talk shows geared to what’s important in the South Asian community.

Features news on international, national and regional issues.

For more information contact:

Bijoy SamuelA�604-598-9311

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